Strong Mind Strong Body

Mind is EVERYTHING. The objects of our physical world come forth from the minds of people. The car you drive, the clothes you wear, the device you're receiving this message through were all conceived in the minds of people. You could go on to say that the mind is the CAUSE and the changes we see in the world around us are the EFFECT. In order to be physically fit you have to be mentally fit first. You have to be strong enough mentally to stick to your fitness program. The biggest part of any fitness program should be eating with a purpose since diet is 70-80% of how you feel, look, and perform. When you go to work and sit at your computer you don't type aimlessly on the keyboard, your work has direction. When you hit the gym, your workouts should have direction and cater to your fitness goals. Same with your eating... and to be honest it's not going to be easy BUT it'll be worth it.

Let me be perfectly clear, somewhere along the way it seems that someone has sold us on the idea that getting fit is easy. It's not! Next time you go to your local gym, look at the faces of the people in there. You'll see expressions of strain, struggle, and determination. That aggressive undertone is part of human nature and should be exercised properly (pun intended). The fitness realm is the perfect outlet to use it constructively. I have an exercise for you right now. Pick your phone up and curl it 10 times. Did you feel that? Of course not! Because lifting your phone for 10 reps is well within your comfort zone. Nothing grows in comfort zones. It's time to push your boundaries. Maybe you're comfortable with pushing yourself in the gym but I have a new challenge for you: Eat With a Purpose, have that mental discipline, get aggressive with all aspects of your fitness. STRONG MIND STRONG BODY!