Women & Weights

You can walk into any gym and find dozens of ponytails bouncing for what seems like an eternity on the treadmill. Most times when I ask females why they do not lift weights they usually respond with something to the effect of "because I don't want to get too bulky" or my favorite "I don't want to look like a man". Well I have news for you... Most men who lift weights, don't look like men lol. The women that you see in the magazines with huge muscles where you look at their face and can't tell if it's a man or a woman are taking illegal drugs to achieve this look. This will not happen to you by lifting weights as the average female doesn't have enough testosterone in her body to produce this effect.

Also, for the ladies looking to lose a few pounds and tone up (about 99% of female gym goers), weight lifting raises the metabolic rate for 48-72 hours after the workout is complete. So you actually burn more calories from the residual effects of a weight lifting session than you would from a cardio session on average. So where does cardio fit into the picture? Cardio is great for just that... Cardiovascular exercise, heart-lung function. Your heart is a muscle and should be exercised for overall health as well as your lungs. Also, cardio is a great weapon to implement when trying to bust through weight loss plateaus. However it isn't quite as effective for plateaus when your body has adapted to a daily cardio regiment. All in all, focus on your eating and pick up the weights! FE(male) = Iron Man.