Health Foods Detrimental To Your Fitness Progress??

So for the past few months (or years) you've been piling your plate with greens, fruits, nuts, and "palm size" portions of lean meat. On top of that you've been killing it at the gym or at home with your "Crazy" (see what I did there) DVD but the progress seems to be at a stand still. If you're putting in the physical effort and you do not have some sort of hormonal condition, you can pretty much guarantee that your "diet" needs to be revamped. In the past I've had marathon runners come to me because they are stuck at a plateau. Let that sink in for a bit... MARATHON RUNNERS. Chances are, most of us are not burning the amount of calories a marathon runner burns. I usually tweak their eating, the fat melts off of them, and they run out of my life. Hey, if I lose a trainee I'd rather them leave because they've met their goal :).

So the question still stands, how can health conscious individuals get stuck in a rut??? The answer lies in the portions on their plates... For example, I love putting PB in my personal meal programs as well as programs I write for others. However, you have to be very careful with PB as it can be a silent assassin for your "diet". 1 Tablespoon is roughly 100 calories and can easily turn into 600 (looks down at empty PB jar.... or 1,200) calories. Other treats that are calorie dense such as trail mix can pose a similar threat. So even though you're eating the "right" things, do you know how much of each you should be consuming? I've said it before and I'll say it again, "The poetry is in the proportions of the macros." If eating is the main reason you're not in the shape you want to be in, then it's time you ate your way to a better body... wake up and bite the dog that bit you!

*No animals were harmed in this blog