Weekend Warrior

So you've been eating well and working out all week, now it's the weekend and you feel you deserve to relax a little. Somehow this relaxation involves pizza, fried foods, and usually alcohol. Many people are dedicated Monday-Friday then feel as though they can have a cheat on Saturday (which you can but should be done smartly) and then it spills over into Sunday so now we have a cheat weekend. This can lead to spinning wheels and endless frustration. But then you realize everything is gonna be O.K. because our weight loss savior (Monday) is right around the corner! You soon find that you've been starting over every Monday for the past few years. This vicious cycle is a waste of time, effort, and money for those of you who have gym memberships and/or personal trainers.

Now for some of you this isn't an issue because you workout just because you like to workout...  However, if you're someone looking to change the way you look and feel plus relieve stress while conquering a challenging workout then stop being a weekend warrior and #FullyInvest. I was once told the definition of extraordinary is to be ordinary and add just a little extra.  Don't be like your friends and everybody else. If you have a goal in mind you have to do what they aren't willing to do to accomplish your goals. And by all means, I'm not saying become a hermit.  You can still go out and socialize, just understand that you can communicate and joke around without wings and a beer in your hand. There's a time and place for these things as well.

Once you reach your goal you can lax things a bit because maintaining a fit body is much easier than attaining a fit body. Fitness is 90% mental, you will always have to exercise some level of discipline in order to be in shape. Change your minds, change your reality... Weekend Warrior.