Mind Your Own Fitness!

I'm sure most of us have been there... You see the huge guy in the back of the gym doing some weird exercise and you do it because you saw him do it. Or the woman with the perfectly flat belly bouncing on the treadmill at level 5 so you get on next to her and put yours on 5.1 trying to one up her literally. There are lots of mistakes to be made in the gym and this is by far one of the biggest. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! This usually leads to injuries, embarrassment, and discouragement. The best approach to working out is to check your ego at the door and work at a pace that is appropriate for you. I'll never forget the time I saw Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in my gym incline pressing 40 pound dumbbells! I thought he was joking, but after years of lifting he's learned what works for him and has the results to prove it.

When you're looking at everyone else around you, 9 times out of 10 it'll just make you want to quit. Consistency is the name of the fitness game and you have to pay your dues. You don't know how long the person next to you has been at it or what they had to learn or do to get there; don't be too concerned with it either. All of the fit bodies in the world did not get there the exact same way, you can make your own path. Imagine the very first day Muhammad Ali walked into a boxing gym, he looks around and sees guys that are powerful and lightning fast. Had he let their ability discourage him he never would've become the greatest of all time. The future has room for more success stories and you can be one  yourself by trying to be better than you were yesterday. This is what I mean when I say #VibrateHigher regardless of where you've started!